Rain or Shine? that’s the question! The sun is still shining in a rainy day – you just have to find it!








I am looking out the window at the rain falling. I hear it when it hits the windows. Windows are wet, streets, cars, garbage cans, newspapers, etc.  all wet. I like it very much. I get excited about the sunshine after the rain. everything looks clean: the trees, streets, windows, the roofs. It reminds me of how much control we don’t have in life and yet we are all chasing control; we want to concur. I want to enjoy it; I choose to enjoy it; I go make a fresh cup of coffee, I am so happy I have a coffee maker. I surrender!

I see people walking in the street, some with umbrellas.  I’ve noticed some rush when they walk in the rain; I don’t unless it is a short distance! Normally, I just let go and put my guards down.  I sometimes even fold my umbrella and really get wet. So what? I like rain on my hair. I am lucky enough to have a hair dryer. So, I take one for the team.

My friend texts me; “u there, can you talk?” I am here, I’m thinking: ” I can talk, but do I really want to make noise now?” She calls me anyways.  I answer, hoping for a deep conversation.

Me:  Hi, what’s up? I say.

Her: Not much, how are you doing? Can you believe the rain?

Me: I know! (my quick answer when I am thinking. But I am really wondering what is to believe or not to believe about the rain? Really, it is rain, and it will come down whenever it’s time for clouds to relieve themselves.)

Her: I hate it, I am going to get my hair done today and I can’t cancel because this lady is booked way in advance and I am invited to my friend’s Thanksgiving party. You won’t believe it,  I put my cat’s mat out last night to air and now it is all wet, plus ….

Me: that’s the bummer (white lie! I need to stop the bleeding) just put your cat’s mat in a plastic bag and put it in the tub or something and deal with it later (truth – that’s what I would do) and for your hair, just pretend you got it done two days ago when It was a sunny and a beautiful day! And now it is two days later.

Her: umm, you always come up with all these off the rack ideas.  I guess. But, …. She is talking and I am quietly sending her good thoughts and blessings because I feel my energy is going down.

ME: the sun is actually shining today, but it is covered by clouds!. I have to go now, I said: I’ve to go; its time to park my car in the street to get a free car wash 😆

Rain or sunshine, Small or large, early or late, pretty or ugly, dark or light, etc. Everything is relative until we make it absolute and about us and then we hurt!

What do you do to convert your absolute thoughts to relative? Do you need help?  With love, Sonia


Sonia Shafazand Life Coach & Mentor to Individuals Who Want a Better, Happier Life NOW, Not Later!

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Disclaimer: I know this text may have lots of grammatical errors. Sorry about that and I try to do better. But! If you can, focus on the message. If you can’t, then read about  perfectionism. In fact, I will be writing about that soon. Let’s face it, you don’t have to learn Chinese to go to China and enjoy all it has to offer!