Diaries of SF Bucket Lister’s Club founder – the day after Election 2016







The SF Bucket Lister’s Club Meetup was originally scheduled for yesterday but I (with few others) decided no one would show up on election night. So, I rescheduled for tonight.

Here I am, in La Promenade coffee shop with my red “Meetup” bag. I use it to carry the stuff I need and believe me I’m trying to go bare minimum (is carrying less considered downsizing?) It has my iPad to work with while waiting, my book to read if my iPad doesn’t work, a small notebook to write if I can’t read my book, contact lens solutions/eye wash just in case, water bottle to fill up with their water to save them from washing cups (but I always forget and use their cups ) extra pens and note pad if “they” need it.

Then I struggle (every time)  with the decision to go get a table first or to order coffee to be efficient. I normally get the table, leave my stuff on it, so it is “taken” (this is the struggle part) and recruit someone to watch it for me while I am gone to order coffee during which I am thinking “what if the person who I recruited to watch, walks away with my bag (every single time)? Then I have to time myself to go back and get my coffee when it is ready and while it is still hot.

I love this coffee shop. And I’m not the one to hangout in coffee shops; I’m just not a hangout-in-a-coffee-shop girl, although I know I should be. It’s hard to meet people while hanging out only at home. This place reminds me of the coffee shop I used to go in early 80s in Campbell, California called Upstart Crow which was a combination of coffee shop and bookstore, very cozy and friendly with used furniture and games.

When I started the Meetup back in July, about 50+ people joined the first day and that was very exciting. I was worried that I may need to rent a salon for all of us J I love to see people having a purpose, moving towards something and love to help them get there. Some days, 6 people would RSVP, and  then 3 people who didn’t, would show up – just random.

But, here I am all by myself. I am always here. If no one shows up, I do my own thing and get stuff done from my bucket list.  And if no one ever shows up, ever!, I will be remembered 25 years from now as they lady with the red bag who founded the SF Bucket Lister’s Club Meet up and for 20 years, twice a month, sat in the coffee shop all night waiting for people to show up!! Perhaps in 7 O’clock news?  No sir, no giving up here. I wouldn’t be coaching today if I had the “giving up” bone in my body!

I was thinking of putting a sign on the table saying:

“Yes, we are open. Free 15 min Life Coaching – Ask a Question. Walk Ins welcome!”

Wouldn’t that be funny? What do you think? No, I am not worried about how this could damage my image, especially, after last night’s election.

Lesson #1 Never Ever Give Up!

Do you need help figuring things out or get moving with life?  Call me.  Let’s do right by life!

With love, Sonia


Sonia Shafazand  Speaker, Life Coach & Mentor to Individuals Who Want a Better, Happier Life NOW, Not Later!

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Disclaimer: I know this text may have lots of grammatical errors. Sorry about that and I try to do better. But! If you can, focus on the message. If you can’t, then read about  perfectionism. In fact, I will be writing about that soon. Let’s face it, you don’t have to learn Chinese to go to China and enjoy all it has to offer!