Bucket list series: What are your WHYs

I’ve always had written goals, wants and needs. Not achieved them all, mind you, but it feels good to me to have a list. But recently, I’ve noticed that I had lost my sense of urgency in doing what I need to do to reach my goals. This morning however, when I woke up with yet another migraine headache (now, two days in a row,) and really didn’t want to get to work, a lightbulb went up! What if, these get worse? I have to do all I want to do, now; not starting Monday, not today, but right now! That’s my WHY;

Head Trash, oh no! Have you written your wants and needs list? Your goals? Why not? Is it the judge Judy in you chattering away? You can’t do them, there is no time, not everyone gets what they want, …. Or, is it the little Fefy (Fearful you) talking? That’s too much work, if it was easy everyone had done them, too much risk, i don’t want to make a fool of myself, what if it changes me, etc.? … STOP IT!  You owe it to yourself to write them down, even if you never ever look at it again. At least you know what it is that you’d never do 😕 Try it out. It is fun and gives you hope. No worries if you don’t get to do any of them. It is just a wish list. Children write down their Christmas list every year with hope; they don’t get bugged down with judgments. They don’t even remember that last year they didn’t get anything from their list. They have hope, they live life.

Why? If you have written down your goals, good for you. Now, you need to add the “WHYs.” Why do you want or need to accomplish these? How does getting them done emotionally satisfy you, or support you in your life and the person you want to be? This is a great exercise. It helps you when you get off track, and you will. By reading them you’ll remember why you wanted them to begin with. Sometimes, as life changes, we changes and some of these may no longer apply and that is why it is a work in progress. I have mine written down and always revisit and edit them. And sometimes, when I feel derailed,  I review my list and my WHYs and then I remember my reasons, and it gets me excited and hopeful again. Yes, sometimes we forget the reasons we wanted something because we  get carried away by the wave of day to day things, and sometimes, those reasons no longer apply and that’s time to regroup. Have you ever walked into a room and wonder why you were there? 🙄

I had a client who was always asking me to find him  a four bedroom house with a swimming pool among other things. He really couldn’t afford his dream house and that was frustrating for both of us. so, one day at lunch, I had a list of his requirements and I asked him to explain why each was so important. We checked out each item one at the time and then he gasped when we got to the pool. He remembered, he wanted a house with a pool because his dad loved summer BBQ pool party. The thing is, his dad passed away a year before and no one was into swimming in his family.

Urgency, where did thy go? While ago, I felt like I lost my sense of urgency. I was wondering about it? Where did it go? Am I settling? Never! Have I lost hope? Nop! So, what is it? I think I was derailed. It was choking under all the to-dos that life wave brought me and I was surfing and going with the flow.

Here are some of my WHY's
Here are some of my WHY’s & in no particular order ..

Now, after my birthday couple of days ago, and after having headaches two days in a row, it is clearer than ever! I want and need to get them all done while I am healthy and capable. And, I want to get “there” sooner than later! I love to be free and not to have any “have to dos” so I can spend time with my children, grandchildren, family and friends;  my “want to dos.”

Bottom line, I don’t want to die with my music still playing in my heart (thank you Dr. Wayne Dyer.)

Question: have you written your WHYs?  If you have written your wants and needs, then its time to write down your WHYs. It will give them sense.

When you plan, you have hope. When you have hope, you become alive..

If you need help writing them down, call me. It is easier than you think. And it is fun. Start NOW!

With love, Sonia

Sonia-27 Sonia Shafazand Life Coach & Mentor to Individuals

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Disclaimer: I know this text may have lots of grammatical errors. Sorry about that and I try to do better. But! If you can, focus on the message. If you can’t, then read about  perfectionism. In fact, I will be writing about that soon. Let’s face it, you don’t have to learn Chinese to go to China and enjoy all it has to offer!